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Complete Language Services

That whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must remain silent

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein (Tractatus logico-philosophicus)

We introduced our ideas with a quotation that says a lot about the necessary deep knowledge of foreign languages in today's world. If we need to communicate in business or science effectively, we cannot only rely on a language of a ten-million nation. The English language has become the lingua franca of the realm of science and commerce. Therefore, we have to consider this language seriously.

Our philosophy is based on the following few principles


We always differentiate and individualise our services. We respect the age, personality, interests, professional and other particularities of our clients.


We only use methods that are based on research and empirical theories (of linguistics, psychology or pedagogy). We apply alternative or experimental methods in case that approved methods fail to be effective or in case that a client requires them.


We always differentiate and individualise our services. We respect the age, personality, interests, professional and other particularities of our clients.


We act with sincerity, so we do not promise impossible progress and results. We offer highly qualified help and individual care to help our clients master English.


We offer educational and psychological guidance in second-language acquisition. Second-language learning and acquisition of premium quality are based on cognitive sciences and neurosciences, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, educational and psychological theories that our clients need not be aware of.


We are perfectly discreet. All aspects of learning and teaching are shared with each client only.


Therefore, we explain all procedures to our clients and we always respect their choice. We do not teach anybody by force. Learning must always be pleasant. However, we do not reduce cognitive activity. We do not confuse effectiveness with impressiveness.


We do not provide services on a mass scale. We co-operate with our clients individually on a long-term basis. We believe that masses exclude the quality.


Translating, proofreading and interpreting services are provided discreetly on a professional level. We accept only texts that we are able to translate precisely and faithfully in disciplines that we specialize in. Our translations are adapted and supervised by qualified native speakers. We consult the client (author) about the proper interpretation of their texts.


Our clients are always informed who their teachers, translators, interpreters and proofreaders are and what their qualification is. We only co-operate with fully qualified professionals.

Complete Language Services

Last but not least, let us make a remark to bear in mind. Any learning, especially in adult age, requires enough effort and work. Without this attitude, we can hardly reach proficiency in a foreign language. For the time being, there exist no approved methods leading to proficiency without effort and diligence. To cut a long story short, we cannot expect miracles in education.

Hence, we end our introduction with another quotation. It was stated by Caleb Gategno, a scientist, matematician and second language acquisition theoretician of world significance.

"Only the learner can do the learning."