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About the company

MM Languages has been operating on the market in language services since 2004.

We provide a comprehensive range of products including language education, interpretation, translating and proofreading services for individuals, companies as well as language schools and agencies. We specialize in the Czech and the English languages.

As we guarantee premium quality, we co-operate with professional teachers, translators, interpreters and native speakers, all of whom are graduates in applied or theoretical linguistics from prominent universities. Never do we employ unskilled workers and non-professionals.

About the founder

Martin Mikuláš, PhD., is currently working as a developer for BASIS TM Educational Ventures in the USA. He develops new mathematics curriculum being a co-author of new textbooks and applications for teaching mathematics. In addition, he is a senior lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature, Charles University Faculty of Education, and a member of the scientific committee of the academic journal Language Learning in Higher Education.

In the Czech Republic and other countries of the European Union, he continues working as a sworn translator and court interpreter.

From 2010 to 2017, he lectured in the English language at Charles University in Prague.

From 2005 to 2012, he taught English and mathematics (in English) at the College of Information Management and Business Administration. In addition, from 2007 to 2010 he was a lecturer of English (for economic and marketing purposes) and of mathematics at the University of Finance and Administration Prague. He also worked there as an e-learning coordinator and as a methodologist of part-time studies at the Institute ofLifelong Learning.

Awards and Qualifications:


Philosophiae doctor (Ph.D.), Charles University (research in applied linguistics and the theory of second language acquisition: Pragmatic and stylistic aspects of expressions of futurality in professional economic text and their didactic consequences)


English Language and Literature – Mathematics (double-major Master's Degree), Charles University (graduated summa cum laude)


Pierre de Coubertine Grammar School Tábor, eight-year study programme (pass with distinction)


International certificate of second language acquisition theory (University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations)


Certificate of proficiency in sworn translating and court interpreting, Charles University


Certificate of guidance counselling, Charles University


Postgraduate study of second language acquisition theory, International House London, Great Britain


The Peter Lang Prize awarded for the best presentation of research results by IRAL (International Review of Applied Linguistics) and Centre for Language and Communication Studies, University of Dublin - Trinity College, Ireland

Membership in professional associations:


The Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic


The Union of Interpreters and Translators - The Section of Professional Translation and Terminology


The Union of Czech Mathematicians and Phycisists - The Society of Mathematics Teachers


The Czech Education Society


SISYFOS - The Czech Club of Sceptics


The executive board of UNIcert® Language Accreditation Unit for Universities in Central and Eastern Europe